Why Courier365cloud as a Courier Management System?

At Citta solutions, we always believe in creating a technology which is easy to use for the clients and their customers. Courier365cloud is a step towards that which helps in simplifying the existing manual system and facilitates users to store unlimited information with easy accessibility and quick retrieval of data at a click of a button.

Our Courier Management System is useful in managing and monitoring day to day activities like hub rates, return, out return, company details, booking, pickup centres, non-delivery, incoming couriers and account management. Automation is required, as this is a very hectic process if you did it manually. Courier365cloud is a solution to this as it improves the return on efforts and saves time and money.

Courier365cloud – The courier software is a delight factor for you and your customer as it keeps you updated on your business and ensures on-time delivery and quick actions to provide efficient and world-class service to your clients.

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Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of courier companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge.

Client Module in courier software

Client Management

Customized prices, billing, and services to satisfy customers specific needs. Client management also includes contract billing, sales tracking, electronic notifications, invoicing and a built-in collections tool...

Dispatch module in courier software


Dispatchers can customize the information they want to see on their screen. Enables dispatchers to know when a driver is, what packages they have and which driver is best-suited for the next job...

Pricing module in courier software


Flexible, powerful and user-friendly pricing. An immense number of surcharges can also be automated. Price are count using region or zone, zone-count or door-to-door distance. Create custom price plans for any customers...

Account Module in courier software

Accounts Receivables

Generate customer invoices and driver settlements in minutes. Comprehensive audit trail and notes. Track aging balances, current and past-due accounts receivables...

Reporting Module in courier software


Includes a variety of management reports including performance analysis, revenue and A/R. In addition, You can customize your reports as per your requirement...

Web portal module in courier software

Customer Web Portal

A customer can enter and track their orders online and receive real-time email notifications of completed deliveries. When first time an order is placed your customer can log in...


Courier365Cloud has a wide feature index and its billing & tracing capabilities have helped many businesses manage courier queues in an organized manner. Here are some of the most important Modules of the leading courier management software.

Manage Courier Details

This module is used to manage courier details. Like, party details, from station and to station detail, Parcel weight,

Payment Module

Used to manage payment details. Admin will be aware about how many payment will be collected and how much payment will be left to receive...

Email / SMS Notification Module

It will auto generated email and SMS notification for received parcel,dispatch parcel and also delivered courier with complete details...

Customer Management

This module is used for managing details of customer. Like, name,address,mobile no,

Delivery Module

Built in signature drawing interface let your Drivers to collect customers signature upon delivery...

Bill Management

The Automated invoicing billing management features of the software ensures that your service invoicing is efficient, on time...


In order to evaluate the benefits of delivery of your parcel, you first have to know what to look for.Courier365cloud- Courier management software can help you in different ways. Here are some of the areas to look for benefits in implementing a software system

Inventory Management

Avoids errors while entering booking details and eliminates booking duplication. Rather than managing excel sheet or books for inventory management courier365cloud help you to manage your inventory online.

High Accurate

Resources being used by the system will be compatible with the latest technologies available in the market, as proposed system uses highly technologically compatible resources, there will be very lass wear and tear.


The system will be accessible by only the authorized users. As information being the most crucial for the organization, then the safety of information is importation.


Processes can be made more consistent. In manual process sometimes some process will be forgotton. So, We help you to made your process more reliable.

Mobile Application

Courier Management Mobile Application is integrated with Courier Management Software-CMS this Mobile Application allows Courier Delivery Boy to do vital work i.e. packet pick-ups, Make deliveries or Un-deliver his process will be seen real time by customers(Consignee) while tracking his packets.

Parcel assign to courier boy

Assigning parcels to certain courier boy, leading to maximum efficient scheduling. The delivery operators have access to the list of AWBs(Air Waybill) they were assigned and can update the status of each parcel through the app.

Fetch Consignment

Courier app allows users to find the nearest located courier address within the limited radius so you can easily navigate to your nearest location for fetching your consignment.


Customers can track their orders online and receive real-time email notifications. A client can track the real-time status and proof of delivery, including an image of the signature.

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