Features of Courier Management System

Features of Courier365Cloud

Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of courier companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge.

Client Management

Customized prices, billing, and services to satisfy customers specific needs. Client management also includes contract billing, sales tracking, electronic notifications, invoicing and a built-in collections tool.


Dispatchers can customize the information they want to see on their screen. Enables dispatchers to know when a driver is, what packages they have and which driver is best-suited for the next job. Warns dispatchers if a delivery is "almost late" or late.


Flexible, powerful and user-friendly pricing. An immense number of surcharges can also be automated. Price are count using region or zone, zone-count or door-to-door distance. Create custom price plans for any customers.

Accounts Receivables

Generate customer invoices and driver settlements in minutes. Comprehensive audit trail and notes. Track aging balances, current and past-due accounts receivables.


Includes a variety of management reports including performance analysis, revenue and A/R. In addition, You can customize your reports as per your requirement.

Customer Web Portal

A customer can enter and track their orders online and receive real-time email notifications of completed deliveries. When first time an order is placed your customer can log in to track real-time status and pod-proof of delivery including an image of the signature collected at delivery.

Track online courier service

User can track online them parcel. So, no need to call every time Courier service provider for getting information about the parcel. This feature is also called as parcel tracking facility.

Manage Branches

User / Admin can manage multiple branches or franchises. Also, Branch owner can see other branches reports about outstanding parcels and outstanding payments.

Pickup Schedule

User will be view pickup schedule for the parcel. As well as pickup schedule will be used to notify client of which date and time them parcel will be collected by courier service provider.

Cloud Storage

All the data will be stored in the cloud so that user will save unlimited data and view that data from any place and Add, Update or delete that data. Also, we will provide auto backup functionality so by any reason data will be lost data will be recover automatically.

E-way Bill System

Courier management software with e-way will system enabled.


When Parcel dispatch from courier company it will directly send email and SMS notification to the customer. Also, Parcel delivery and payment notification will be also sent to a customer. Real-time notification will be sent to a customer.

Online Payment

Courier company will collect parcel payment online via any source.

Rights Management

Rights management tool useful to User so that they gave rights level wise. Like if you are company owner then you have all rights to add, view, edit or delete any content but if you are Employee then your rights are limited. Rights management also gave employee department wise. Setting different rights for different level of employee, gives them access to only what they are given rights to do and nothing more than that.

Inter-Branch Synchronisation

This being the heart and head of Courier365cloud, it is the real solution we offer to your business.